Descriptive Analysis of 1999 Task Force P Data

As part of the winding-up of the JET Joint Undertaking, an agreement was established with UKAEA to validate the 1999 Gas Box data and make a descriptive analysis of the data. This report constitutes one of the deliverables specified under the agreement and describes the descriptive data analysis work undertaken examining results from the Task Force A and P campaigns in 1999. A wide range of issues are covered in this report, including:- inboard launched pellet fuelling studies; helium exhaust and transport; the effect of edge-q on neo-classical tearing mode stability and the possibility of stabilising these modes with ICRH; an overview of results from the 1999 international collaborative JET experiments on the RI mode; analysis carbon films on MkIIGB tiles and studies of hydrogen released from tiles using laser desorption; and SOL characterisation studies using tile thermocouples and probe measurements.
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