Comparison of Divertor Power Loads With and Without TF Ripple in JET

ITER will operate at a Toroidal Field (TF) ripple of dBT 0.5%, whereas the natural TFripple in JET is dBT = 0.08%. Previous identity experiments in JET and JT-60U with toroidal field ripple at the plasma separatrix similar to that expected in ITER indicate that the H-mode plasma confinement degrades and toroidal plasma rotation is decreased. The effect of TF ripple on the H-mode confinement is found to be more pronounced for high plasma current and magnetic field. Here, we concentrate on the impact of the TF ripple on Edge Localized Modes (ELMs) for an unfueled three step ripple scan at the highest toroidal field compatible with ripple operation in JET with Bt = 2.3T, Ipla = 2.6MA and q95 = 3.1.
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