Beryllium Migration During JET ITER-LikeWall Divertor Operation

Migration of beryllium into the divertor and deposition on tungsten in the final phase of the first ITER-like-wall campaign of JET are modelled with the 3D Monte Carlo impurity transport code ERO. The simulation covers the inner wall and the inner divertor. To generate the plasma background for Monte Carlo tracing of impurity particles, we use the EDGE2D/EIRENE code set. At the wall, the estimated plasma conditions are Te 5eV and ne 2¥1017 m­3 (far-scrape-off layer; more than 10cm away from the LCFS). Relevantsputtering yields of beryllium (atomic and BeD) were determined in [1]. We calculate impurity distributions in the plasma using the main chamber source as a free parameter in modelling and attempt to reproduce inter-ELM spectroscopic Be II line (527nm) profiles at the divertor. The present model does not give satisfactory agreement, but further work will focus on fulfilling this constraint and ultimately link the modelled poloidal net deposition profiles of beryllium to post mortem data.
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