Bayesian Approach to Data Validation of the Oblique ECE Diagnostic at JET

In this paper the validation of data produced by the Oblique Electron Cyclotron Emission diagnostic (ObECE) operating at JET [1] using a statistical treatment based on the Bayesian Probability Theory (BPT) is reported. The diagnostic is a six-channel Martin-Puplett interferometer. It allows a spectral analysis covering an extended bandwidth between 75-800GHz, 10ms/profile time resolution and 7.5-15GHz spectral resolution. Observations can be carried on simultaneously at three lines of sight (0o, 10o and 22o with respect to the poloidal plane), and two linear polarizations (for the oblique views), corresponding to mostly ordinary and mostly extraordinary emissions. This setup enables the study of the electron distribution function in thermal and sub-thermal range.
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