Assessment of Cleaning Methods for First Mirrors Tested in JET for ITER

Two cleaning techniques were used for removal of co-deposits from the tested first mirrors exposed in JET: a) ultrasonic bath; b) a broad range of polishing conditions from manual buffing to machine polishing with the diamond grain size of up to 3µm. Reflectivity measurements were performed after each step in the cleaning procedure. Surfaces were also examined with electron microscopy and ion beam analysis methods. Ultrasonic cleaning leads to partial recovery of reflectivity due to enhanced detachment of deposits. Typically 30%-50% of the original reflectivity was recovered in the visible light and 50%-90% in the infrared region. One mirror was cleaned completely. Polishing with diamond paste may lead to successful removal of deposits but the damage to the surface in case of larger diamond grains was observed. Recovery of up to 100% of the initial reflectivity was achieved in some cases.
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