Analysis of Pressure Profiles and Transport Simulations of MAST and JET Discharges

It is well known that the temperature profiles in a tokamak are self-consistent. This feature allows one to construct the heat conductivity equation in terms of so called "critical temperature gradients" . In our previous works this critical gradient is expressed through the gradient of the canonical temperature profile. The concept of pressure profile conservation has attracted so far much less attention. Recently in we analysed the pressure profiles from several devices. In this report we continue this work using for the analysis the larger set of MAST shots. As a result we construct the particle flux similarly to the heat flux in previous model. The proposed transport model, which includes both the heat and particle transport equations, is used to simulate the set of MAST shots. We provide also the simulation of a series of JET shots by two different models. The first one based on the "critical temperature gradient" ideas, includes the energy balance only. This allows us to compare the results obtained by our model with results obtained by other models. The second one is the full version of the CPTM model, which includes both the energy and particle balances.
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