Analysis of Plasma EDGE Profiles at JET

JET plasma edge profiles from various diagnostics are combined to reconstruct the best edge ne, Te and pe profile. Diagnosing edge profiles is essential in, for example, pedestal studies, edge gradient studies, stability analysis and input for edge current models. The comparison and combination of various diagnostics gives complementary information and yields a tool for validation: Edge LIDAR monitors Te and ne from the SOL up to the pedestal top. Core LIDAR gives an indication of the Te and ne pedestal top. ECE measures Te from the top halfway down to the SOL. The Li beam gives a spatially resolved multiple ne pedestal measurement. Interferometry indicates the pedestal top of ne, is used as a ne calibration source, and can be used to reconstruct ne profiles in swept plasmas. Ti measurements by CXS are important, but are not dealt with in this paper.
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