Analysis of ELM-Resolved Power Fluxes in JET Ripple Discharges

One critical factor in the standard H-mode scenario of the ITER operation is the maximum allowable energy density onto the plasma facing components. Especially the transient impact of Edge Localized Modes (ELMs) onto the divertor target plates must stay below an energy density of 0.5MJ/m2 within 0.5ms. Results from ELM-resolved IR-measurements of the divertor target at the JET tokamak are presented. The effect of gas fueling on the transient divertor target load by ELMs in a magnetic configuration with natural TF ripple (dBT = 0.08%) and a configuration in ITER-like ripple (dBT = 0.50%) are investigated. It is found, that gas fueling reduces the ELM size in the pedestal and the ELM power arriving at the divertor target. ELM power broadening with increasing ELM size is observed. The divertor target ELM energy density decreases for increasing gas fueling with dBT = 0.50% but is increasing for a gas scan with dBT = 0.08%.
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