Active Control of Edge-Localized Modes with a low n Perturbation Fields in the JET Tokamak

Active control of Edge Localized Modes (ELMs) by using static external magnetic perturbation fields with low toroidal mode number, n, has been demonstrated for both, ITER baseline (q95 ~ 3) and high beta advanced tokamak scenarios at the JET tokamak. During the application of the low n field the ELM frequency increased by a factor up to ~ 4-5. Reduction in carbon erosion and ELM peak heat fluxes on the divertor target by roughly the same factor as the increase of the ELM frequency has been observed. The frequency of the mitigated ELMs using a low n field is found to increase proportional to the total input heating power. Compensation of the density pump-out effect observed when the external low n field is applied has been achieved by gas fuelling in low triangularity plasmas. Preprint of Paper to be submitted for publication in Proceedings of the 18th Plasma Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices Toledo, Spain ( 26th May 2008 - 30th May 2008)
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