A Study of JET Carbon Impurity Sources

This paper compares experimental JET carbon and hydrogen light emission to EDGE2D/NIMBUS calculations. The calculations themselves indicate that: (1) the deuterium ionization in the SOL or in the divertor is proportional to the Da photon flux density from those locations, (2) the carbon ionization in the SOL or the divertor is proportional to the calculated CIII light (3) the ratio of line integrated photon fluxes from a vertical chord to a horizontal chord indicates whether the main chamber SOL content originated primarily from a wall source or from ion flow out of the divertor. Comparison was made to JET gas box divertor plasmas. The database comprises inter-ELM H-Mode periods and L-Mode data. The core contamination was caused by carbon sputtering arising primarily from the main chamber. The L-Mode carbon yield was 1-4% in the main chamber. The inter-ELM H-Mode sputtering yield was about twice as large. Preprint of Paper to be submitted for publication in Proceedings of the 18th Plasma Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices Toledo, Spain ( 26th May 2008 - 30th May 2008)
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