A New Visible Spectroscopy Diagnostic for the JET ITER-Like Wall Main Chamber

In preparation for ITER, JET has been upgraded with a new ITER-Like Wall (ILW), whereby the main plasma facing components, previously of carbon, have been replaced by mainly Be in the main chamber and W in the divertor. As part of the many diagnostic enhancements, a new, survey, visible spectroscopy diagnostic has been installed for the characterization of the ILW. An array of eight Lines-Of Sight (LOS) view radially one of the two JET neutral beam shine through areas (W coated CFC tiles) at the inner wall. In addition, one vertical LOS views the solid W tile at the outer divertor. The light emitted from the plasma is coupled to a series of Compact Overview Spectrometers (COS), with overall wavelength range of 380­920nm and to one high resolution Echelle overview spectrometer covering the wavelength range 365-720nm. The new survey diagnostic has been absolutely calibrated in situ by means of a radiometric light source placed inside the JET vessel in front of the whole optical path and operated by remote handling. The diagnostic is operated in every JET discharge, routinely monitoring photon fluxes from intrinsic and extrinsic impurities (e.g. Be, C, W, N and Ne), molecules (e.g. BeD, D2, ND) and main chamber and divertor recycling (typically Da, Db and Dg). The paper presents a technical description of the diagnostic and first measurements during JET discharges.
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