2D Tomography of SXR Data from Toroidally Separated Cameras for Studies of Impurity Injection and Fast Instabilities on JET

Spatially resolved Soft X-Ray (SXR) measurements will represent an important tool for monitoring impurity profiles in JET plasmas with an all-metal ITER-like first wall. Line-integrated profile measurements will be provided by pinhole cameras in three poloidal sections, camera V at octant 2 and camera T at octant 7 (both with vertical view, 35 channels, 250mm Be filters and new diodes installed in 2011), and the radiation protected camera S4 at octant 4 (horizontal view, 16 channels, 350mm Be filter, ~15° tilt from the poloidal plane). The diagnostic is capable of high temporal resolution (up to 200kHz); to implement it systematically, a new data acquisition system is being finalised. In this contribution, the potential of the diagnostic for reconstruction of 2D SXR emissivity is investigated.
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